Change by Design 2018: Design for life – and death

Design impacts all aspects of life. Even death. At Change by Design we will explore the responsibilities that comes with such great power. Are we really doing good?


Anna Kirah: 19 Days: Designing a beautiful death

Kenneth Aleksander Robertsen: Designing for the extremes of life

Sebastiano Lombardo: Provoke to create: Rigoletto in 10 minutes

Mileja Soneji: Design for Impact on Parkinsons Patients

Janno Siimar: Desining a National Treasure

Kristin Lie Romm: Is it Hybris to think that you can change the health care system?

Jan Fredrik Schønheyder: Designing where you can't mess up

Frøya Thue, Bernhard W. Hegna, Paulina Buvinic: Designing end of life conversations

Thomas Bernhard Thiis Evensen: An existential approach to user insight

Lillian Olsen: What's ethics got to do with it?

More speakers will be announced shortly at

The design festival Change by Design welcomes designers and everyone else who use or are curious about design as a method for developing products, services, processes, systems or enterprises.


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